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Ms. McCaffery has been a land use and environmental lawyer for more than fifteen years.  Ms. McCaffery's expertise includes coordinating complex transactions and regulatory approval matters for corporate and institutional clients throughout the U.S.  She has worked on real estate development projects and land sales, overseeing compliance and due diligence and adding legal insight to consultants' work product. Ms. McCaffery's practice focuses on permitting, approvals, legal and regulatory compliance and contract management, with significant experience on large-scale utility, energy and telecommunications ventures.

Ms. McCaffery currently serves as counsel to Boreal Renewable Energy Development, a leading Massachusetts consulting firm specializing in solar, wind and hydroelectric energy.  She offers broad in-house legal experience in environmental planning and siting of renewable energy installations. Ms. McCaffery manages the Federal, State and local regulatory permitting process for all project phases, including design, construction, and operation.  Ms. McCaffery’s experience also includes the analysis and negotiation of renewable energy project documents, including equipment purchase agreements, power purchase agreements, construction and maintenance contracts, and equipment warranty agreements.

At Boston law firms Bingham McCutchen LLP and Goulston & Storrs LLP, Ms. McCaffery worked with a wide range of clients, including several lenders participating in nationwide cogeneration projects and a buyer of electric utility assets in Massachusetts.  She reviewed and analyzed the operational permits and quantified specific environmental compliance costs.  Able to see both sides, Ms. McCaffery has prosecuted and defended hazardous waste cases, including Superfund sites. She also has supported internal operations, advising clients on environmental audit procedures.

Ms. McCaffery holds a LEED Green Associate accreditation in support of her efforts to promote and facilitate green project design, construction and operations.

Ms. McCaffery is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania and Boston University Law School. She is admitted to the Massachusetts Bar.

Ms. McCaffery is a member of the Environmental Business Council (EBC) and the Boston Bar Association (BBA). She is also a U.S. Green Building Counsel LEED Green Associate and a member of the Massachusetts Chapter.

Ms. McCaffery is also a former member of the City of Cambridge Conservation Commission.

Ms. McCaffery has authored the following articles:

  • “SEC Environmental Disclosure Requirements Pursuant to Items 101 and 103 of Regulation S-K”, Environmental Disclosure, MCLE, March, 2000.
  • “Mulling Protections, Pitfalls of ‘Downgradient Property Status’” Boston Business Journal, November, 1999.
  • Co-author of Rhode Island and Massachusetts chapters of Brownfields, A Comprehensive Guide to Redeveloping Contaminated Property, ABA, © 1997.
  • “Brownfields Development in Massachusetts Through Privatized Cleanup”, American Society of Civil Engineers’ Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste Management, October, 1997.
  • “Emerging Options in Environmental Insurance”, American Society of Civil Engineers’ Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste Management, July, 1997.
  • “Brownfields: Recent Massachusetts and Federal Developments” by Ned Abelson and Maura McCaffery 26 Env. Rep. (BNA), March 15, 1996.
  • “Banks Facing Lender Liability May Find Partial Relief Under Modified Valdez Principles” by Maura McCaffery 11 Ann. Rev. Banking L. 571 (1992).

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